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She might get into that group if ______ she comes on Thursday evening

Вы услышите текст. Выберите цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа. Вы можете прослушать запись дважды.

She might get into that group if ______

  1. she comes on Thursday evening.
  2. there are no other students.
  3. she pays extra fee.

— Hello, English Language College. Can I help you?

— Yes, I’d like to enquire about a course.

— OK. Have you seen the information on our website?

— Well, actually the situation is that I booked myself onto a course through your website yesterday, and now I’d like to change.

— Could you tell me your name?

— Mira Radnotti.

— And which course was it?

— A general English course, pre-advanced.

— Bear with me a minute. Yes, I’ve got it. What would you like to change to?

— I’ve just noticed this morning that you have an advance course in business English starting next week.

— That’s right.

— I was wondering if it would be possible for me to change to that group. — OK, let me just check. There are still a few places in that group, but you’ll have to do a level test.

— But I’ve already done an online test for the other course.

— I appreciate that, but for this course you need to do a level test in person.

— Can you tell me why I have to do it in person?

— It’s because it’s a specialized course and there’s an oral component to the level test.

— I see. Do you mind me asking what it involves?

— There’s a written task that you have to do under timed conditions, and preparation materials for the oral interview.

— I see. Sorry to be difficult, it’s just that I’m really busy this week and can’t make it up to the school for the level test.

— Hmm. . . You couldn’t come in on Thursday evening, could you?

— No, I’m afraid not. But I tell you what. I could come in on Saturday to do the level test.

— The problem is, that’s leaving it very late and we might have other applicants.

— That’s great. Oh, I’ve got one more question, if I’m not keeping you.

— No, go ahead.

— If I don’t get into this group, do I lose my course fee?

— I’m afraid we can’t refund the deposit, but you could apply it to another course.

— That’s a relief. Would you mind putting that in an email for me?

— Certainly.

Ответ: 2