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Why is her knowledge of Spanish poor

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Why is her knowledge of Spanish poor?

  1. Because she stopped learning it.
  2. Because she studied it at school.
  3. Because her Spanish friends went away.

Interviewer: Simona is ambitious and a positive exchange student from Slovakia, passionate about traveling and exploring new places. The adventurous spirit of the girl brought her from Slovakia to ERASMUS internship in Spain, Valencia for 3 months. Now she is here to answer our questions. First of all, I’d like to ask you to introduce yourself!

Simona: My name is Simona and currently I’m living in Valencia. I’ve arrived here for doing my ERASMUS internship. My task is to make translations from English to German.

Interviewer: And from all millions of possibilities, why did you choose Valencia?

Simona: My final destination point was Spain, and the rest was not so important. Because I’ve been learning Spanish before and I wanted to improve it. Learning this language was the main reason for being here.

Interviewer: Looks like applying for the internship abroad worth it?

Simona: My answer is obvious! Actually, it does not even matter where you are going because it anyway will bring you to another level, enlarge your horizons, create new opinions and change your personality. You will meet so many unique people and new friends with who you will have different and interesting discussions. You will learn about new culture, you will see a new country and you will live a new life.

Interviewer: As you mentioned before, you were enrolled in Erasmus program. Who paid for your internship?

Simona: Yes, you are right. I had an ERASMUS scholarship and it means that EU paid for my scholarship. Also, as I was using Training Experience platform, I got some salary from my internship company.

Interviewer: What steps did you take in order to get a grant?

Simona: I applied in my University, made a CV and a good motivation letter and they just contacted me. After there were other steps to follow, which are specific for different universities.

Interviewer: What things for you were important to know before starting your program? Can you share your experience for next generations?

Simona: I think a good coordinator needs to say which documents you need if you go with exchange program. Also, don’t forget about insurance. You should book accommodation at least for a couple of days if you want to book something else afterward. Hmmm… Find out about life costs and a situation with transportation.

Interviewer: What did you like most about Valencia?

Simona: I very like Valencia — it is not too big and not too small. It is a perfect city for me to live in. The cultural offer also is incredible- drinks, food… From food, I like jamon, even if I do not prefer to eat meat, in this case, I am not a vegetarian, when it comes to Spanish ham.

Interviewer: And if we speak not only about food?

Simona: Yes, I like the park, which used to be a river and playground Gulliver. I recommend these places.

Interviewer: Your goal was to improve your language! Did you reach it?

Simona: Generally speaking, I was studying it for 3 years and then I stopped. After I forgot a lot of stuff, because I was not in contact with Spanish people. Basically, knowledge of the language was somewhere in my head but just had to renew it. I cannot say what level I had before, but for sure I improved it a lot. That is amazing because you cannot know when extra knowledge of culture and language can be useful.

Interviewer: What about Spanish people in general?

Simona: Generally, all people are nice, but Spanish people are especially nice and kind because they always want to help you in every situation, even if they cannot help you — they will try. I have only good experience with them.

Interviewer: I want to say a big thanks to Simona for doing this interview, and I wish her all the success in her studies.

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