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The guest should be careful because of dangerous cliffs

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The guest should be careful because of

  1. dangerous cliffs.
  2. water rising.
  3. wild animals.

— Is this your first visit to the area?

— Yes, I’m planning to do a lot of walking while I’m here. Are there any walks you’d recommend?

— Oh, it’s very nice for walking around here. If you turn right out of the door of the guest house and follow the road, it’ll take you to the lighthouse. You can’t miss it — it’s close to the road, right on the headland. There’s a footpath near it, just before the road turns left. You should go along the path to the edge of the cliffs, down the steps, and turn left, so you’re going back along the beach towards the headland, and if you’re lucky, you might find some fossils at the bottom of the cliffs.

— Do many people find them?

— Well, not so many these days, to be honest. But you never know.

— I read that there are some caves in the cliffs as well.

— That’s right, but you’ll have to go south along the beach for those. They’re the nearest part of the cliffs to where we are, just where the land starts curving round. But they get cut off by the tide, so be very careful.

— Yes, I will be.

— Another nice walk is on the north side of the estuary. If you turn left from here, and go along the road as far as the crossroads, instead of continuing along the road, take the footpath that runs parallel with it. That’ll take you across the river, then you can turn onto another path. The stream is very shallow, and there are stepping stones across it, so you’ll be able to cross without too much trouble. Then you’ll come to the salt marsh. Keep to the river bank, or you might have difficulty in walking. Beyond that there are sand dunes and a beach, and the island just offshore.

— Is it possible to row to the islands?

— Yes, there’s a place to hire boats in the village. Visitors aren’t allowed to land on the island that’s furthest from the shore, so as not to disturb the birds, but you can go to the others. In fact they get plenty of birds too. The most southern island is covered with wild flowers at this time of the year. And there are the remains of an ancient fortress on the island that’s right in the estuary.

— OK, well thank you very much. I’ll go out for a couple of hours now.

— Enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you later.

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