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Mary is going to leave Linda because she has an appointment

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Mary is going to leave Linda because

  1. she has an appointment.
  2. they have had an argument.
  3. she has to be at work.

Linda: Can you show me around the city today?

Mary: Yes, sure. I promised, I will. I’m sure, you’ll love New York.

Linda: Thanks. You know it’s my first visit to New York. The city is huge and one can easily get lost in it.

Mary: You’re right. When I was first visiting here I had the same thoughts. But, as I’ve been living here for more than 8 years now, I know almost every street in the city. So, I can be a good guide. The only problem is, that I need to be at work in three hours, so I’ll spend this time with you, telling about the main sights and means of travel around the city, and then I’ll leave, ok?

Linda: Ok. Thank you! Just tell me how to navigate here and after a few hours I’ll be able to find the places of interest myself.

Mary: Agreed. Let’s go then. This is one of the most famous streets of New York. Wall Street is regarded as the financial and business center of the city. Soon we’ll see the Brooklyn Bridge and Woodworth Building. Other sights which I’ll show you here are the Empire State Building and the Times Square, which you’ll like the most. It’s a busy street, full of tourists and entertaining facilities.

Linda: I can’t believe I’m in the heart of New York. Thanks for bringing me here.

Mary: No problem. I also like taking walking tours across the Manhattan Island.

Linda: Another sight I want to see is the Statue of Liberty. Can we go there? I’ve heard it’s situated on a separate island.

Mary: Yes, it’s true. The Statue of Liberty is on the Ellis Island. Unfortunately, it needs lots of spare time, which I don’t have, but I’ll tell you how to get there. And when I leave for work, you can take a ferry to the island.

Linda: All right. Sounds good. I’m also curious to see the Rockefeller Plaza. My friend saw it and said it looks magnificent. Will we be able to go there together?

Mary: Yes, we will. We can make it, while I’m here. Your friend is right. It’s a beautiful building. Let’s go there now. But I should tell you that it’s even more attractive here at night time with millions of lights illuminating the building. So, try to remember the way, and you can come here in the evening as well.

Linda: Ok. Good idea. I have a good visual memory.

Mary: If you’re interested in art and history, you should definitely visit numerous museums of New York, among them, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and several others. They are worth it. We can’t make it today, but I’ll tell you how to find them and you can go there sometimes this week.

Linda: Yes, I am interested in museums, especially in modern art. So, I would certainly like to see the expositions there.

Mary: That’s it by now, my friend. I need to run if I don’t want to be late. Here is my map. You can navigate the city with it. In case you get lost, don’t hesitate, give me a call.

Linda: Ok, thanks. Don’t worry. I’ll find the way. See you later in the evening.

Mary: See you. Take care.

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