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A. During his year as a nomad, Ted made a lot of friends

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A. During his year as a nomad, Ted made a lot of friends.

B.During his year of freelancing, Ted did web work.

C.Ted couldn’t plan his journey.

D.The idea of complete freedom was frightening for Ted.

E. Ted realized that he wanted regular working hours.

F. Jessica thinks that being free gives meaning to everybody’s life.

G. Jessica had spent a year freelancing, too.

Jessica: OK, so we’ve talked about freelancing your skills and living and working abroad. Have you ever done that? Have you ever lived and worked in a…

Ted: Like digitally, just like a kind of nomad?

Jessica: Yeah.

Ted: Yeah, I did. I did it for a year. I was actually a nomad. I lived in five different countries and I did all my work online. I mainly was just doing web stuff but it was an interesting experience. I mean I had never, I thought it would be the perfect life and when I told people what I was going to do, everybody said that’s amazing. You know, I mean basically I said that I was just travelling the world and I would just work from whatever city I was in. I would choose my own itinerary and my own destination and I would work when I wanted to.

Jessica: And then why did you quit?

Ted: Well, I think you referenced it earlier. It actually became incredibly lonely. I was surprised how lonely I became. I would meet people but you didn’t have family and you didn’t have your social network. You didn’t have people that you would see every day at work.

Jessica: No workmates?

Ted: Right. You got no workmates, no-one to go out and have a drink with and after a while you really crave like social interaction and not always being the new person, like people that know your name. I remember the big thing that changed is one day I realised I had nowhere to go, I had noone to see and I can go anywhere in the world. I had complete freedom. I could go to the airport and buy a ticket to any place. I could have gone anywhere in the world. There was nothing to stop me. No schedule, no appointments, no-one to report to and it was actually kind of frightening. Like it was almost paralyzing.

Jessica: It’s like standing on the edge of an abyss looking down.

Ted: It was. It was like, you know, I realized I wanted normalcy again. I wanted to have a schedule. I wanted to, you know, have the norm that I had before so I went back to teaching at university and now in my university job I have a lot of time to travel in between but just living around the world going from place to place, yeah, it wasn’t so great.

Jessica: Well, I think it’s great that you had the chance to explore this option. I’m sure everyone would benefit maybe from trying it and then working out what it is they really value because I’m sure we all think wow freedom, absolute freedom, isn’t that like the ultimate goal but then when you have it, you realize well actually no, some of those constraints that I had were quite good.

Ted: Right.

Jessica: They gave me a sense of being or they give structure to my life or meaning to my life.

Ted: Totally, totally and actually now that I’ve done it, I would do it again. I would know how to do it right. I would do it different than I did it before.

Jessica: But it sounds cool though. I can see the attraction definitely.

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