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A. Kate is not going on holiday this year because she’s trying to save money

Вы услышите диалог. Определите, какие из приведённых утверждений А–G соответствуют содержанию текста (1 – True), какие не соответствуют (2 – False) и о чём в тексте не сказано, то есть на основании текста нельзя дать ни положительного, ни отрицательного ответа (3 – Not stated). Запишите номер выбранного Вами варианта ответа. Вы можете прослушать запись дважды.

A. Kate is not going on holiday this year because she’s trying to save money.

B. Rick’s idea is to teach Kate to save money before and while travelling.

C. Looking for extras is a good idea.

D. Сheck at a restaurant doesn’t usually include a tip.

E. Rick advises to stay in hotels right outside the city center.

F. Kate is going to book in a business minded hotel.

G. Kate is a rewards member.

Kate: Hey, Rick! I know you are keen on travelling! Would you mind giving me some tips how I can increase my hotel savings? Does it seem like hotel costs just go up and up? It’s true that they rise each year, sometimes significantly.

Rick: Hey, Kate, sure, with pleasure. I’ll tell you some factors to consider to help you save money, both before you book and during your stay.

Kate: So, what shall I pay attention to?

Rick: The more services your rate includes, the better You’ll want to make sure they are features you will actually use though, otherwise you’re spending more than you need to. Common extras that can save you lots are free breakfast, free Wi-Fiand kids eat free. All those bowls of fruit and free coffee and tea in the lobby are also included in your room rate, so take advantage of them during your stay.

Kate: I don’t like the breakfast to be included. I’d like to eat out, but on the other hand I should be trying to save money.

Rick: I don’t agree with you. Though room service sounds really appealing, prices for food on the menu can be twice as much as you would pay for the same food at a restaurant. Gratuity is always included in the tab and usually masked as a delivery charge. Most guests don’t know this and add a tip to the bill when the waiter brings their food.

Kate: I see. To say the truth, I haven’t chosen the hotel yet.

Rick: What about the Rozy Hotel? If the costs for transportation won’t make up the difference you’d be paying on a closer location, you can frequently get a fantastic deal this way. You could also look into staying in the university district of a city. Hotels are more affordable, cheap eateries are plentiful and public transportation is convenient.

Kate: Actually, it’s not a business trip. I’m going to have some rest and devote time to myself in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Rick: Room rates for hotels that get the majority of their business from professionals drop their prices when business is slow, like weekends and holidays.

Kate: Moreover, business hotels provide mini-bars in the apartments. They also have nice lounge-bars.

Rick: As for me, I usually bring my own snacks or hit the grocery store. I think, anything is better than the rates for items in the mini bar. The prices are outrageous and I never think about trying to replace it with the same item later.

Kate: Do you normally stay at the same hotel or use the same chain when you travel?

Rick: Sure! I sign up for their rewards programme. Not only can you rack up points for each stay that you can then use on upgrades and free nights in the future, but rewards members also get notified of exclusive deals that can save you a ton. You can sign up online!

Kate: Nice idea! Thank you!

Rick: My pleasure, Kate.

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